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Pokemon Y Gameplay and Guide

With the official release of Pokemon X and Y came out dozens of easy to find spoilers. But here we give you authorized details that curb your curiosity and put you in a decision making state. So let us begin with the basics about the Pokemon Y rom gameplay.

Similar to the original 3DS version, Pokemon Y GBA takes place in the Kalos Region- which surprisingly holds no similarity to the previous regions like Hoenn, Johto and Kanto. In the story of Pokemon Y, you with your mother have a new life at a new place. Arriving here with a fresh family package, you interact with a new neighbor called Professor Sycarmore. This Expert gives a challenge to give people, Trevor, Shuana, Tierno, your rival and you. The game begins from the Aquacorde Town from where these five competitors leave for the Kalos Region to try out their talents and skills.

And while each one of you begin your journey, you commit never to return. This promise is the key inspiration. And so the trainers step towards their adventures.

But now an evil gang known as Team Flare has entered the region with the ambition of catching the Legendary Pokemon, Yveltal of Kalos Region, and ruling over the world by using all its special powers and becoming stronger than the previous villains like Team Magma, Team Rocket etc. Now what does the future avails? How many more days of battles would there be? Would peace be restored? Is Kalos Region ever going to become a place worth living again?


Download pokemon y rom for free Pokemon Y Rom are surrounded by plenty of new features that are the fundamentals of the gameplay. For example, players would be especially pleased with the ability to interfere with the competitor’s base stats. Furthermore, Game Boy advance has finally removed the frustrating additions that prevented the gaming experience from being more enjoyable and smooth. For instance, tinkering with the base stats of each other’s Pokemon is a valuable addition as it gives you the leverage of optimizing individual warriors for your game style. You would also value the aspect of speed for the first sent Pokemon, while shifting the competitor’s focus towards survivability. Such features make a huge difference in putting up a great fight. Pokemon X and Y is most definitely an enticing addition to the franchise.

The post-game content of Pokemon comes with new opening and challenges that extend the game life to more than 30 hours in the main campaign. What puts it into more limelight is the multiplayer feature which encompasses different battle modes and various trading systems for the collected Pokemon.


Regardless of how little importance it has been given so far, visuals in the age of digital excellence make a huge difference when it comes to increasing the number of your fans and buyers. Shifting the visual category to a 3D environment was a clever step, with some of the most well designed Pokemon the world has seen in the franchise. The careful execution of minor details of the characters is not only exciting but truly enhances the entire gaming experience.

Kalos as mentioned earlier is a region the like of which players would have never seen in the franchise before. The lush green fields with the vibrant countryside and colorful wildflowers is a magical sight. You will find the construction of the buildings to be perfectly modern. For instance, the bug Pokemon gym does a great job in keeping the interest of the players towards the shifting angles and visuals, enticing them with one view to the other.

Nonetheless, heart of the game remains the Pokemon themselves. The design of characters has always been the hallmark feature for the Pokemon Franchise. Regardless of the shared animations, the dozens of Pokemon features shine bright. For example, Azurill steals the show with his blue balloon bouncing. The attacks during the fight also comes with thrilling visual impacts. In many of the Pokemon Rom files you will find additional features that truly give you a one of a kind fighting experience.


Pokemon Y Rom also gives you access to cool and exciting accessorize. Go play the designer and dress your avatar up just as you like. Make your Pokemon look like the hero of the show. You may find it hard to do so at the beginning of the game because of the restricted budget, but as you move further into the world of challenges- with every fight you get to groom your avatar more and more. If you have the money, visit the boutiques that have treasures of an everyday new stock of clothes and accessories.

Play Online

Another valuable addition to Pokemon X and Y is the ability to play online with other players. All you need is to keep your wireless internet on, which would give you the opportunity to meet strangers, poke into their stats and make your challenges more exciting.
The PSS that you can now see at the corner of 3DS screen gives a presentation of the internationally playing players of Pokemon X and Y. It allows you to view the messages they leave public. It gives you an opportunity to do Pokemon trades. You may end up having a crappy Pokemon, but it is always exciting to know how your trade ends.
Another cool feature is the distribution of the “O Powers” that are basically temporary bonuses that you earn once in a while such as extra experience, healing and bonus pay out after the battle. But prior to giving yourself an online presence it is important to customize your profile. Play against the real rivals if you find the game to be quite easy. Playing online is actually an amazing way to test your skills and challenge yourself at a more realistic battle.

Important note: When you win a game, you gain the ability to experience a special zone which allows you to collect all types of Pokemon. It would be new for you to know that the higher the number of friend-codes you have, the larger diversity would you find in Pokemon in this special zone. So if you want to explore new characters register for friend codes.

Pokemon Y ROM Emulators:

The hype of Rom emulators go side by side with each Pokemon series. Emulators basically refer to the application which have the capacity to replicate the features of other programs. For example, the emulators for Nintendo reproduces the Nintendo device’s functionality so that you can play the games on your computers that would otherwise be restricted just for DS platforms. Emulators are widely available for Pokemon Y Rom at different websites online.

Here is a step by step guide for how you can play Pokemon Y Rom on an emulator:

  1. Download a good emulator from a reputable website. Install and run it to start the extraction of it on your computer. Let the installation process end successfully.
  2. Once it is installed open and double click the emulator to launch it.
  3. You need Pokemon Y Rom’s downloaded beforehand to be played on the emulator. Basically emulators act as a console while the ROM files contain the replicated or edited data of the console game. Pokemon Y rom files are counterparts of the gaming cartridges. For an emulator to work, you need a ROM file. Just as emulators, you can download Pokemon Y Rom files for free from many websites.
  4. Search a website for the Pokemon version you like. ROMs are personalized, so chances are that you may not find a Rom file for Pokemon X from the same platform as Pokemon Y Rom.
  5. Click the file and open it in the Window’s explorer. Emulators usually come with the same interface. Go to the location of downloaded and open it on the emulator. Emulator would take a few seconds to load the game. Once loaded, you can play it normally on your desktop.


Pokemon X and Y has come with new exciting locations, visuals and challenges that tremendously enhances the gaming experience. Pokemon Y is clearly for those enthusiasts who wish to explore more each time. With a good visual balance and a challenging approach to the story and gameplay, Pokemon Y really steals the show. With the release of these two version, the need for Pokemon Y Rom files has increased as well. Playing Pokemon Y Rom files on emulators gives you access to games that are otherwise not accessible without a DS platform. So for a complete Pokemon adventure all you need to hunt down is a good emulator and an authentic platform for the Pokemon Y Rom files. Like our Facebook page here.

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