Pokemon Ruby Rom

Pokemon Ruby Rom

Prepare yourselves for an epic Pokemon adventure. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been released as a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS franchise. Read more about Pokemon Ruby Rom..



The game begins in a region called Hoenn, comprised of an island that encompasses the east and the west, with infinite small islets along the deep blue sea. At the center of this Island steams a live volcano. Hoenn is a region of magnificent natural splendor in which people of great beauty and character reside.

The legendary character of Pokemon Ruby is Groudon, around which the story of the game revolves. Revealed in the grand tale, you explore the hidden secrets of Mega Evolution, which has been the most enticing mystery of the Pokemon world. As true for all games, the challenge is to unleash the incredible powers of Pokemon.

Along your journey through Hoenn, you will build relationships, make friends and invite them to your secret base. Players get to design their own secret base with whatever decoration they like to have within it. The communication features of the game allow you to connect with players across the world. When players visit the secret base of one another, they communicate or even battle with one another. The Secret Base can also be used to get hold of the flag activity. Take a look at the flag next to the Secret PC in the Secret Base of another player, and get access of it. Everyday players can capture one flag from the base of another player. The more flags a player has, the higher the ranking of their team and skills would be.

As players travel around the region they will meet many Pokemon trainers and interesting people, including the laboratory hero, Professor Birch. In the first meeting with Professor Birch you will meet your partner pokemon, giving birth to a new bond.


Pokemon ruby rom cover The adventure of Pokemon Ruby Rom is to battle with the Team Magma. Team Magma is led by Maxie whose intention is to increase the land. On the other hand Team Aqua and Archie want to magnify the seas. To bring to life their plans both will turn towards Groudon, the Legendary Pokemon. During the battle players would encounter Eon Pokemon Latios with whom they can form a partnership.

A new story has been revealed in Pokemon Omega Ruby- Delta Episode. The Delta Episode covers the history of the region Hoenn, which goes back to 3,000 years and finally clears the mystery of Mega Evolution. The tale starts with a young woman named Zinnia, who has been bestowed with a special fate. The story also covers appearances of Team Aqua and Team Magma. Pay special attention to the conflict between Deoxys and Rayquaza.

Players must search the Mirage spots where they will find rare Pokemon found nowhere else, and carry special provisions with them. Keep looking for the Legendary Pokemon in the Mirage spots.

Pokemon Ruby Rom:

The Pokemon Ruby Rom and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are the two paired games of the sixth generation reiterations of Pokemon titles of the third generation. Released in the year 2014, they have been ever since enticing players with its thrilling and exciting gameplay. The new features added to Pokemon Ruby Rom include:

  • Game and battle mechanics
  • New elements of pokemon
  • Graphic and Aesthetic user interface modifications in the game
  • Map changes
  • Pokemon that could be obtained

Places to Download Pokemon Rom from:

Since the 2000s, Pokemon enthusiasts and those who excel at gaming software have been working on an unofficial version of the Pokemon games, known as the ROM hacks. According to the recent trends, such developments have been in hundreds, not dozens- and that to for free. Some even having the Game Boy Advance cartridges. These are recreations of the Pokemon experience. Some are more exceptional than the other, with adding graphics, visuals, characters and humor. But when the trend hits demand, it gives rise to the question of quality and authenticity as well. With multiple platforms today offering access to Pokemon Ruby Gba Rom files, it is best to search for the platform that promises you safe browsing.

Prior to selecting a platform from where you could download the Pokemon Ruby, it is important that you consider the device from which you would be playing. There are several ways of playing Pokemon Ruby Rom. For emulation purposes, Android can support any Nintendo rom in the form of zip file, gba file or apk file.

Other than android devices you can play on your 3DS Nintendo device. Download Pokemon Ruby Gba file using an authentic platform, transfer the installed file on a flash card or any of the 3DS Nintendo’s cartridge.

Authentic sites for Pokemon Ruby Rom download:

There are several Rom or emulator sites that give you free access to Pokemon Ruby Rom files. A few of these sites have special importance in providing the copies of rom files from the first Gameboy to the latest Nintendo systems- the 3Ds.

Currently, there are two legitimate websites from where you can download Pokemon Ruby Rom files, for they are safe to browse at. One being the most popular, Citra, an emulator of Nintendo 3Ds, and the second Gba-renamer.com that has a wide collection of Pokemon games of different gaming systems like: MAME, Gamebody, Playstation, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Arcade and more.

How to Install Pokemon Ruby Rom?

If you are using Linux OS, Mac or Windows desktop and planning to download your files, the best place to land at is Citra. It is the safest and most applicable emulator. At Citra you will also find reviews of different Pokemon games.

But before you could benefit from the Pokemon Ruby Rom files, you need a 3Ds emulator. An emulator is to be downloaded and installed. It will be installed on your device, and will work on your desktop just as Nintendo device works.

Please also note that a few games at Citra are not compatible with Nintendo 3Ds emulator. Regardless, Pokemon Ruby Rom is tested for having best compatibility on Citra, while gamers experience little or no interruptions while playing the game.

Once you have download the Nintendo 3Ds emulator, download your Rom files from any selected website. If you are downloading your Pokemon Ruby Rom from website other than citra, ensure that it works with the Citra emulator. Look for the decrypted version. A decrypted version of Pokemon Ruby Rom means that you can automatically play it with the emulators without having to decrypt it after download.

Popular Pokemon Ruby Rom Hack:

Light Platinum

You may have heard of great recreations of the Pokemon Ruby. But of the few that add a true gaming experience to the game is Pokemon Light Platinium. What is special about this Rom file is that it feels real than any of the other Rom hacks for Pokemon Ruby. It has to enormous regions that you can explore. Regardless of being a Pokemon Ruby Rom hack, it takes the game towards a larger endeavor. In the game there are a total of 6 badges that you have to collect and a world championship waiting for the players at the end.  What is the most enticing about the game is it giving an official and authentic feel.


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come with some exciting gaming features. You explore new challenges and reveal the secrets of the Mega Evolution. But with the original gaming experience you also enjoy the Pokemon Ruby Rom files that give you access to the game without the restriction of a Nintendo system. The trick only is to explore the authentic sites from where you can find the best free emulators and Rom files. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.


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