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pokemon x and y rom pokemon x and y rom

Download Pokemon X and Y ROM

Both, Pokemon X and Y were released on 12th of October 2013, in the whole world. They are the 6th series of the popular game for Nintendo 3DS. Due to the extremely high popularity and impressive features, these are some of the most popular Pokemon quells ever! Most gamers don’t have all the essentials to play these games, until now! Finally, you can download Pokemon X and Y ROM and play them on your computer. It is a simple task that guarantees you a lot of interesting gaming hours.

Pokemon X and Y basics

These sequels are located in the Kalos region, one of the most appealing regions in the Pokemon franchise. The goal in the Pokemon X ROM is to collect all 8 badges, defeat the League and solve any mysteries of the region in question. Although this may sound already well-known, there are a lot of different features that have been used for the first time in these sequels. As such, the entire gameplay is actually very different than you have encountered in previous sequels.

In both games, a player can feed, pet and help a Pokemon grow. Then, he can have battles with players from other parts of the world. In addition, trading Pokemons is also an option. Other aspects of the game are similar to the previous versions of the Pokemons, meaning the same thrill that can be expected. In addition, Pokemon X and Y are 3D games, but the graphic is improved compared to older versions.

Features introduced in the Pokemon X and Y

These two ROMs have all-new features that are simply stunning. They are completely original and also a great improvement of already great game. Pokemon X and Y ROM come with all of the features mentioned below.

  • Use Pokemons for transport

Probably one of the most interesting features. In the Pokemon X ROM and Pokemon Y ROM players can use Pokemons to cover larger distances. It is possible to use flying and water Pokemons.  Thanks to it, exploring the Kalos region is faster and now you have the ability to reach areas which are normally hard to get!

  • Mega Pokemon evolution

Mega evolution has a huge role in the Pokemon X and Y ROM. In general, it stands for a new, powerful attack which can be eventually reached. A Pokemon will wear a ring on a wrist, meaning that mega evolution is finally ready. Use this attack carefully, because it requires some practice.

  • Different evolution

Pancham and Pangoro reflect the new evolution process the best. For example, you can begin with a character that looks like Panda, which will evolve into Pancham and later into Pangoro. The new evolution method is important because it was introduced in these two versions, and because it helps you create more powerful characters.

  • New Pokemons

You will be able to experience a gameplay with 3 new Pokemons. They are different and they are powerful, but in order to see which ones they are, you will have to try the Pokemon XY ROM.

  • EV is more relevant to leveling

Both of these sequels are more EV-focused. In earlier versions, EV was important, but not so much. Now, it is the main factor to consider when levels your Pokemon. It is also one of the main data to consider when in a fight versus another Pokemon.

  • Sky Battles

A new type of battle has been added. Now you can enjoy in Sky Battles, possible only in the air, between flying Pokemons. It is truly amazing watching these battles in 3D, thanks to the best graphics of that time.

  • Horde Encounters

This is another battle style that has been introduced for the first time in Pokemon X ROM. It is based on 5 on 1 battle mode, where 5 wild Pokemons (all land) will fight your Pokermon, individually. In addition, All of them may be the same species or all 5 may be different, making a battle much harder.  Pokemon X and Y ROM are highly appreciated thanks to this battle type.

  • O powers

If you know what Pass Powers are, you will understand the purpose of O-Powers. Basically, these are boosting features which allow you to get more money from a battle, more experience or something more. An interesting capability is that you can send all of them to another player, from any part of the world.

  • Kanto Starter is available

In Pokemon X and Y ROM players can choose two starters. One of them will be from the first generation and the second one from this one. This is simply the most outstanding feature the developers have added in the game. It is something you will have to try.

  • New Pokemons have arrived

Meowstic, Honedge, Pyroar and Panchem are new Pokemons available in the game. If we add T-Rex Pokemon and Tyrunt, you can get a clear picture how better the gameplay is!

Cheats and tips for becoming a better Pokemon X and Y player

There are a few cheats that you can use at any given moment. They will make the gaming much easier if you are a beginner. It is important to add that none of these cheats will harm other players, so it is gaming-friendly.

Heal your Pokemon without using any items

This is the number one cheating and it must be used occasionally. You will have to start a game and start a match. Then finish it and return like when you left Pokemon Center. It is also possible to quit a game, but use this only with your friends, who agree with it. In return, your Pokemon will be fully healed.

Wonder Trade sequence

Once you start the Wonder Trade sequence, you will exchange one of your Pokemons, obviously. But, then you should continue trading the Pokemon you just got. This helps you get more Poke Miles. Once again, this cheat isn’t harmful to other players, so it can be used as often as you like.

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Generate easy money

Go to the Battle Chateau (available in Pokemon X ROM and Pokemon Y ROM) and start a battle with a trainer. At the beginning, you will get P1000, which isn’t much, but as soon as your rank goes up, you can reach impressive P20.000. This is known as the easiest way to make money in the game, which later can be used for anything you like.

All players who have Pokemons with high level, can go to restaurants with 2 starts (all Pokemons there have level 31) and start a battle. You will get 4.000, per battle.

Secret items from secret areas

Eventually, you will be in a battle which reveals something strange. It may be a cave or a tree, or something completely else. When this happens, you should go there and destroy that object. As the reward, you will get an item. Razor Leaf, Twister, Heat Wave and etc. are useful moves. Don’t forget that all of these secrets will appear in the background only, so they may be hard to notice. Also, the place of happening will vary, so there is no direct guide nor map for discovering them.

How to play Pokemon X and Y ROM

Some players believe that playing ROM-based games requires expertise and a specific knowledge. In a matter of fact, all you are going to need is a PC and an emulator. An emulator is basically software allowing you to load and play a ROM game. It is free as well. Once you have downloaded an emulator, all you will have to do is:

  1. Open and load the ROM file.
  2. Wait until the game starts.
  3. Use keyboard controls to start a game.

It is actually simple as that! Even better, both of our ROM games are small in size and they can be downloaded in a matter of minutes. We will also add the fact that both of them are stable versions, meaning that there are neither bugs nor crashes.  Pokemon X ROM and Pokemon Y ROM have low system requirements, meaning that they can be played on older computers, with only 256MB or RAM. Additionally, you can perform changes and modifications in the game, all in order to improve the gameplay and make it a lot better.

The final thought

Pokemon XY ROM is free to download and free to play. It is one of rare alternatives to get the most from the amazing games that were released a few years ago. Keep in mind that graphics of X and Y sequels is stunning and commonly rated as one of the best ever developed. All standard features are supported, but you also get new features, introduced for the first time. If you are looking for the best way to make Pokemon games still useful and interesting, these ROM games are the best choice. Be ready to become a member of a huge online community which is spreading as we speak. As such, download the game as soon as possible and start your adventure. All users who tried it are now known as professional Pokemon gamers.