Pokemon X Rom

Pokemon X Rom

Wrapping itself in graphical excellence and featuring all the improvements fans would invest on, Pokemon X Rom came out as a big step forward in the RGP series of Pokémon, especially in terms of its visuals. As its first entry in the 3D world, Nintendo incorporated its pre-established franchise with 3D characters and modern graphics. With minor variations in the gameplay- the games have become more visually pleasing and the characters more realistic than before.

Pokemon X Rom

Moving parallel with the culture of evolution, Pokémon X has become better, faster and smarter than its predecessors. The online social features combined with an impressive 3D look is what gives the game all the fame. Not to mention that a good Wi-Fi range would have you hooked on to the game for hours- with tools to explore your skill in the 35-hour adventure.

Just as the previous versions, Pokémon X has an attractive appeal. From newcomers to veteran fans it challenges every player to become a more skilled trainer. With an amazing elemental-based combat depth, Pokémon X keep your interest well intact from the beginning to the end. And the players get into the field of experiments, you come with new improvisations of the features in the Pokemon X ROM.

Gameplay and Design

From the design to the gameplay, the developers of Pokémon X made a lot of smart decisions. The first attention-seizing change is the fast-paced opening compared to the sluggish opening hours of its predecessors. Within half an hour you will start discovering a diverse list of efficient Pokémon from new and the previous generations, your roller skates and the first gym badge. What this change does it that it increases the time value and adds more interest in the action. In Pokemon X ROM, you will find the gameplay to take this pace in no time- taking you into a true gaming zone.

Being the first 3D Pokémon game, the transition has turned out beautifully with an impressive art direction of its list of characters. For instance, Charizard, a fire-type Pokémon that got all the fame it should since its first introduction in the original games, but the new modified look surpasses the expectations. With a more majestic and realistic look, revolutionizing its already successful 2D look. Furthermore, the new Mega Evolved version have intimidating new features like additional hair and thorns that give Lucario a more ferocious look than before.

The developer Game Freak finally made way for unique creature customization and avatars, moving a step ahead from simply picking your own gender. Pokémon X original as well as many Pokemon X ROM allow you to select your favorite skin tone and dresses from a variety of smart accessories. This gave Pokémon X a more personalized gaming experience.

Pokemon Amie and Super Training:

Pokemon x rom free downloadThe two main changes made to the gameplay are the Super training and Pokémon Amie. The latter being specially designed for Nintendo’s Pokémon fans. Players can feed, coo, pet and play small games with the Pokémon of their own choice. The interaction between player and creature adds a practical bonus, increasing experience and enhancing the chance of effectively meeting the rival in the battlefield.

Super training on the other hand eliminates the conjecture with EVs- that are secret enhancers of stat obtained by defeating Pokémon. Comparatively, this system is more challenging to keep track of and demands persistence with patience. Super training assists by making the collection of these extra points more translucent by supplying a graph and mini game to spot the EV progress of Pokémon. It does not only sounds complex- it actually is. Nonetheless, a professional player assembling a team of favorite Pokémon would find this thrilling.

This is the beauty of Pokémon X- giving casual players something easy and the hardcore masters of Pokémon game something to spend hours. The ultimate law of Pokémon X is: easy to hard, hard to master.


A common problem with all the Pokémon series, the game falls short on its storyline. The story of the previous generation, Black and White, did touch some level of maturity but did not as well work well with its ethical premise. With this the audience expected the story to grow- but turns out that it failed to. But regardless of its not so interesting story, Pokémon X offers some exciting incentive with its online option such as adding friends from all over the world. When you connect to the internet you see “passerby’s”. As the name suggests, these are foreigners with whom you can exchange trade, chat or merely battle. All you have to do is tap on their character and select what you would like to do. Another interesting feature in Pokémon X is Wonder trades. This gives you an option of selecting any Pokémon from your Pc Box, make sure that the 2Ds or 3Ds are connected to the Wi-Fi, blindly select any Pokémon and trade it with a stranger from anywhere in the world. With Wonder Trades, you can have access to rare Pokémon in the initial stages of the game which are otherwise not made available this easily.

Pokemon X Roms:

From the original games to now, Pokémon has got millions of players hooked on to its games. If you are one such enthusiasts, searching for an easy Pokemon X Gba download, then what you need to understand first is the use of ROM. For a more improvised graphical, design and storyline experience, players modify the games to give an easy access to users playing it on different devices. Another reason why players prefer going for Pokémon X ROM is because such developers make Pokémon X free download available to you.

Pokémon X download in your device:

It would excite you to know that Pokémon X ROM continues to come out at a good number of platforms with an easy access. What you need is to have a quick download of it before Nintendo and Pokémon officials claim it back. Here is how you should go about it:

  1. Go to the official website of the Pokemon X rom developer
  2. Understand how it needs to be downloaded. Download and save it where you can easily access it.
  3. Download any of the popular 3D emulators to make the link work on your system

While searching around for a Pokemon X rom, you will find several websites offering free downloads. But the question remains, do all such sites maintain the element of safety and privacy? With the download of these applications, Malwares come in the same package. Therefore it is safe to invest on sites that have a good name in the virtual market, or the least, do not have a bad name attached to it. It has been frequently observes that gaming platforms often offer free software’s, and once installed, you discover a whole new expenditure involved.

Pokemon X Emulator

Emulation of the Pokémon games has brought some new developments to the series. It gives gamers the access to a wide number of Pokémon games on one device. Load all your Pokemon ROM on an Android device, and it seems like you have invested on Game Boy Color, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo all at the same time, and at the same place. Not to mention, it gives you the ease of switching from one game to the other in a faster and more efficient way.

The Pokémon series has become incredibly successful. Every new generation of the Pokémon games is introduced in pairs, such as Red and Green, taking you into a new world of Pokémon.

The release of Pokemon X ROM emulator is probably the most awaited one. There are a few websites that have posted free Pokémon X download which also includes 3D emulators and an English link. Forum members and fans, however, seem to be looking for something more authentic than a random website, which may or may not be free of viruses.

How to play Pokemon X rom:

There is a misconception about the ROM games: that they are difficult to play. Players think that they would need some technical knowledge and expertise to play an ROM-based game. But in fact all you need is a good emulator and a platform to play the game. Unfortunately except a few sites, the only popular and standard 3D emulator is Citra. We still hope that more 3D emulators would soon enter the play store.
Coming back to ROMs, know that both versions are stable and come with no crashing or bugging (provided that you have downloaded it from a good enough site). Pokemon x rom comes with a low system requirement, implying that you could play it even on old computers with a total of 256 MB.

Pokemon X rom also comes with a free download. It would also interest you to know that regardless of the fact that Pokémon X earned all its popularity because of its excellent graphics, the modified versions are rated as the best developments in Pokémon series. While you get to play with the original features, you also get new features. For Pokémon pros, there is nothing more exciting than exploring new features and graphics.

Tips and Cheats for Pokemon X:

Raise a hand or not, we all know that cheating is a little fun. It not only gives you a good push in the game, it also adds more fun to the game. Here are a few cheat tips for Pokemon X ROM that would add more appeal to your game.

Healing your Pokémon:

This is the most sought Pokemon X rom cheat. For this you need to restart the game and begin a match. Finish it and return the way you left the Center. You can also quit the game, but that only happens when your friends side with you. In return to this, you will find your Pokémon to be fully healed.

Wonder Trade

We have already learned that you can exchange your Pokémon for another in the Wonder Trade sequence. But the trick is to then trade your new Pokémon. What it does is that it gives you extra Poke Miles. This cheat is harmless. So use it as many times as you like.

Generate more money

Do you want to earn more money in your Pokemon x rom? If yes, reach for the Battle Chateau and start fighting with a trainer. In the start of the fight, you will receive P1000. Don’t think of it as less. As you move ahead with your level, you will have P20, 000. This is the simplest way of earning more money and helps you later in the game.

Secret Items:

When playing Pokemon x rom, you will come in a battling experience that would reveal strange things to you. It could be anything from a tree to a cave. As this happens, you should go and cause the destruction of the object. Resultantly, you will receive items like Heat Wave, Razor Leaf, and Twister etc. But remember that they will disappear and would be really hard to discover again.

Pokemon x rom Gameplay tips:

  • Use super training

For the new players, getting professional as early as possible should be the first priority. Super training lets you play mini games in order to boost your experience. It allows you to train Pokémon’s and discover new skills. Once you are done however, you can shift to the Secret Super training. It adds secret prizes, bonus items and other advantages to your inventory.

  • Catch Pokemons

Catching Pokemon gives you extra points. This is a widely forgotten tip that players must remember.

  • Collect Poke Balls

Because Pokemon X Rom download gives you customization options, gamers are seen investing all their credits on customized clothes- which is extremely insane. The best thing to invest on is Poke Balls that come with tons of benefits and advantages.

  • Secret paths

In every game there comes a part that requires skills and training. You cannot jump or skip. To advantage from this, what you have to remember is a secret path where you could return. This apply to the strength, waterfall, cut and surf attacks.


Pokemon X Rom gives you one of the finest visual and graphical experience in the entire series. It is without any argument an A-class gaming experience. But the only setback is the limited number of 3D emulators which severely paralyzes the ability to explore more ROMs. It is hoped that players would soon discover safe to use platforms that offer a range of options for Pokemon X free download.

Pokemon Y Rom

Pokemon Y Gameplay and Guide

With the official release of Pokemon X and Y came out dozens of easy to find spoilers. But here we give you authorized details that curb your curiosity and put you in a decision making state. So let us begin with the basics about the Pokemon Y rom gameplay.

Similar to the original 3DS version, Pokemon Y GBA takes place in the Kalos Region- which surprisingly holds no similarity to the previous regions like Hoenn, Johto and Kanto. In the story of Pokemon Y, you with your mother have a new life at a new place. Arriving here with a fresh family package, you interact with a new neighbor called Professor Sycarmore. This Expert gives a challenge to give people, Trevor, Shuana, Tierno, your rival and you. The game begins from the Aquacorde Town from where these five competitors leave for the Kalos Region to try out their talents and skills.

And while each one of you begin your journey, you commit never to return. This promise is the key inspiration. And so the trainers step towards their adventures.

But now an evil gang known as Team Flare has entered the region with the ambition of catching the Legendary Pokemon, Yveltal of Kalos Region, and ruling over the world by using all its special powers and becoming stronger than the previous villains like Team Magma, Team Rocket etc. Now what does the future avails? How many more days of battles would there be? Would peace be restored? Is Kalos Region ever going to become a place worth living again?


Download pokemon y rom for free Pokemon Y Rom are surrounded by plenty of new features that are the fundamentals of the gameplay. For example, players would be especially pleased with the ability to interfere with the competitor’s base stats. Furthermore, Game Boy advance has finally removed the frustrating additions that prevented the gaming experience from being more enjoyable and smooth. For instance, tinkering with the base stats of each other’s Pokemon is a valuable addition as it gives you the leverage of optimizing individual warriors for your game style. You would also value the aspect of speed for the first sent Pokemon, while shifting the competitor’s focus towards survivability. Such features make a huge difference in putting up a great fight. Pokemon X and Y is most definitely an enticing addition to the franchise.

The post-game content of Pokemon comes with new opening and challenges that extend the game life to more than 30 hours in the main campaign. What puts it into more limelight is the multiplayer feature which encompasses different battle modes and various trading systems for the collected Pokemon.


Regardless of how little importance it has been given so far, visuals in the age of digital excellence make a huge difference when it comes to increasing the number of your fans and buyers. Shifting the visual category to a 3D environment was a clever step, with some of the most well designed Pokemon the world has seen in the franchise. The careful execution of minor details of the characters is not only exciting but truly enhances the entire gaming experience.

Kalos as mentioned earlier is a region the like of which players would have never seen in the franchise before. The lush green fields with the vibrant countryside and colorful wildflowers is a magical sight. You will find the construction of the buildings to be perfectly modern. For instance, the bug Pokemon gym does a great job in keeping the interest of the players towards the shifting angles and visuals, enticing them with one view to the other.

Nonetheless, heart of the game remains the Pokemon themselves. The design of characters has always been the hallmark feature for the Pokemon Franchise. Regardless of the shared animations, the dozens of Pokemon features shine bright. For example, Azurill steals the show with his blue balloon bouncing. The attacks during the fight also comes with thrilling visual impacts. In many of the Pokemon Rom files you will find additional features that truly give you a one of a kind fighting experience.


Pokemon Y Rom also gives you access to cool and exciting accessorize. Go play the designer and dress your avatar up just as you like. Make your Pokemon look like the hero of the show. You may find it hard to do so at the beginning of the game because of the restricted budget, but as you move further into the world of challenges- with every fight you get to groom your avatar more and more. If you have the money, visit the boutiques that have treasures of an everyday new stock of clothes and accessories.

Play Online

Another valuable addition to Pokemon X and Y is the ability to play online with other players. All you need is to keep your wireless internet on, which would give you the opportunity to meet strangers, poke into their stats and make your challenges more exciting.
The PSS that you can now see at the corner of 3DS screen gives a presentation of the internationally playing players of Pokemon X and Y. It allows you to view the messages they leave public. It gives you an opportunity to do Pokemon trades. You may end up having a crappy Pokemon, but it is always exciting to know how your trade ends.
Another cool feature is the distribution of the “O Powers” that are basically temporary bonuses that you earn once in a while such as extra experience, healing and bonus pay out after the battle. But prior to giving yourself an online presence it is important to customize your profile. Play against the real rivals if you find the game to be quite easy. Playing online is actually an amazing way to test your skills and challenge yourself at a more realistic battle.

Important note: When you win a game, you gain the ability to experience a special zone which allows you to collect all types of Pokemon. It would be new for you to know that the higher the number of friend-codes you have, the larger diversity would you find in Pokemon in this special zone. So if you want to explore new characters register for friend codes.

Pokemon Y ROM Emulators:

The hype of Rom emulators go side by side with each Pokemon series. Emulators basically refer to the application which have the capacity to replicate the features of other programs. For example, the emulators for Nintendo reproduces the Nintendo device’s functionality so that you can play the games on your computers that would otherwise be restricted just for DS platforms. Emulators are widely available for Pokemon Y Rom at different websites online.

Here is a step by step guide for how you can play Pokemon Y Rom on an emulator:

  1. Download a good emulator from a reputable website. Install and run it to start the extraction of it on your computer. Let the installation process end successfully.
  2. Once it is installed open and double click the emulator to launch it.
  3. You need Pokemon Y Rom’s downloaded beforehand to be played on the emulator. Basically emulators act as a console while the ROM files contain the replicated or edited data of the console game. Pokemon Y rom files are counterparts of the gaming cartridges. For an emulator to work, you need a ROM file. Just as emulators, you can download Pokemon Y Rom files for free from many websites.
  4. Search a website for the Pokemon version you like. ROMs are personalized, so chances are that you may not find a Rom file for Pokemon X from the same platform as Pokemon Y Rom.
  5. Click the file and open it in the Window’s explorer. Emulators usually come with the same interface. Go to the location of downloaded and open it on the emulator. Emulator would take a few seconds to load the game. Once loaded, you can play it normally on your desktop.


Pokemon X and Y has come with new exciting locations, visuals and challenges that tremendously enhances the gaming experience. Pokemon Y is clearly for those enthusiasts who wish to explore more each time. With a good visual balance and a challenging approach to the story and gameplay, Pokemon Y really steals the show. With the release of these two version, the need for Pokemon Y Rom files has increased as well. Playing Pokemon Y Rom files on emulators gives you access to games that are otherwise not accessible without a DS platform. So for a complete Pokemon adventure all you need to hunt down is a good emulator and an authentic platform for the Pokemon Y Rom files. Like our Facebook page here.

Pokemon Ruby Rom

Pokemon Ruby Rom

Prepare yourselves for an epic Pokemon adventure. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been released as a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS franchise. Read more about Pokemon Ruby Rom..



The game begins in a region called Hoenn, comprised of an island that encompasses the east and the west, with infinite small islets along the deep blue sea. At the center of this Island steams a live volcano. Hoenn is a region of magnificent natural splendor in which people of great beauty and character reside.

The legendary character of Pokemon Ruby is Groudon, around which the story of the game revolves. Revealed in the grand tale, you explore the hidden secrets of Mega Evolution, which has been the most enticing mystery of the Pokemon world. As true for all games, the challenge is to unleash the incredible powers of Pokemon.

Along your journey through Hoenn, you will build relationships, make friends and invite them to your secret base. Players get to design their own secret base with whatever decoration they like to have within it. The communication features of the game allow you to connect with players across the world. When players visit the secret base of one another, they communicate or even battle with one another. The Secret Base can also be used to get hold of the flag activity. Take a look at the flag next to the Secret PC in the Secret Base of another player, and get access of it. Everyday players can capture one flag from the base of another player. The more flags a player has, the higher the ranking of their team and skills would be.

As players travel around the region they will meet many Pokemon trainers and interesting people, including the laboratory hero, Professor Birch. In the first meeting with Professor Birch you will meet your partner pokemon, giving birth to a new bond.


Pokemon ruby rom cover The adventure of Pokemon Ruby Rom is to battle with the Team Magma. Team Magma is led by Maxie whose intention is to increase the land. On the other hand Team Aqua and Archie want to magnify the seas. To bring to life their plans both will turn towards Groudon, the Legendary Pokemon. During the battle players would encounter Eon Pokemon Latios with whom they can form a partnership.

A new story has been revealed in Pokemon Omega Ruby- Delta Episode. The Delta Episode covers the history of the region Hoenn, which goes back to 3,000 years and finally clears the mystery of Mega Evolution. The tale starts with a young woman named Zinnia, who has been bestowed with a special fate. The story also covers appearances of Team Aqua and Team Magma. Pay special attention to the conflict between Deoxys and Rayquaza.

Players must search the Mirage spots where they will find rare Pokemon found nowhere else, and carry special provisions with them. Keep looking for the Legendary Pokemon in the Mirage spots.

Pokemon Ruby Rom:

The Pokemon Ruby Rom and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are the two paired games of the sixth generation reiterations of Pokemon titles of the third generation. Released in the year 2014, they have been ever since enticing players with its thrilling and exciting gameplay. The new features added to Pokemon Ruby Rom include:

  • Game and battle mechanics
  • New elements of pokemon
  • Graphic and Aesthetic user interface modifications in the game
  • Map changes
  • Pokemon that could be obtained

Places to Download Pokemon Rom from:

Since the 2000s, Pokemon enthusiasts and those who excel at gaming software have been working on an unofficial version of the Pokemon games, known as the ROM hacks. According to the recent trends, such developments have been in hundreds, not dozens- and that to for free. Some even having the Game Boy Advance cartridges. These are recreations of the Pokemon experience. Some are more exceptional than the other, with adding graphics, visuals, characters and humor. But when the trend hits demand, it gives rise to the question of quality and authenticity as well. With multiple platforms today offering access to Pokemon Ruby Gba Rom files, it is best to search for the platform that promises you safe browsing.

Prior to selecting a platform from where you could download the Pokemon Ruby, it is important that you consider the device from which you would be playing. There are several ways of playing Pokemon Ruby Rom. For emulation purposes, Android can support any Nintendo rom in the form of zip file, gba file or apk file.

Other than android devices you can play on your 3DS Nintendo device. Download Pokemon Ruby Gba file using an authentic platform, transfer the installed file on a flash card or any of the 3DS Nintendo’s cartridge.

Authentic sites for Pokemon Ruby Rom download:

There are several Rom or emulator sites that give you free access to Pokemon Ruby Rom files. A few of these sites have special importance in providing the copies of rom files from the first Gameboy to the latest Nintendo systems- the 3Ds.

Currently, there are two legitimate websites from where you can download Pokemon Ruby Rom files, for they are safe to browse at. One being the most popular, Citra, an emulator of Nintendo 3Ds, and the second Gba-renamer.com that has a wide collection of Pokemon games of different gaming systems like: MAME, Gamebody, Playstation, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Arcade and more.

How to Install Pokemon Ruby Rom?

If you are using Linux OS, Mac or Windows desktop and planning to download your files, the best place to land at is Citra. It is the safest and most applicable emulator. At Citra you will also find reviews of different Pokemon games.

But before you could benefit from the Pokemon Ruby Rom files, you need a 3Ds emulator. An emulator is to be downloaded and installed. It will be installed on your device, and will work on your desktop just as Nintendo device works.

Please also note that a few games at Citra are not compatible with Nintendo 3Ds emulator. Regardless, Pokemon Ruby Rom is tested for having best compatibility on Citra, while gamers experience little or no interruptions while playing the game.

Once you have download the Nintendo 3Ds emulator, download your Rom files from any selected website. If you are downloading your Pokemon Ruby Rom from website other than citra, ensure that it works with the Citra emulator. Look for the decrypted version. A decrypted version of Pokemon Ruby Rom means that you can automatically play it with the emulators without having to decrypt it after download.

Popular Pokemon Ruby Rom Hack:

Light Platinum

You may have heard of great recreations of the Pokemon Ruby. But of the few that add a true gaming experience to the game is Pokemon Light Platinium. What is special about this Rom file is that it feels real than any of the other Rom hacks for Pokemon Ruby. It has to enormous regions that you can explore. Regardless of being a Pokemon Ruby Rom hack, it takes the game towards a larger endeavor. In the game there are a total of 6 badges that you have to collect and a world championship waiting for the players at the end.  What is the most enticing about the game is it giving an official and authentic feel.


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come with some exciting gaming features. You explore new challenges and reveal the secrets of the Mega Evolution. But with the original gaming experience you also enjoy the Pokemon Ruby Rom files that give you access to the game without the restriction of a Nintendo system. The trick only is to explore the authentic sites from where you can find the best free emulators and Rom files. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.